Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyBusinessApp?

MyBusinessApp is a very affordable way to build, track and update a mobile application for your business or organization without needing to hire dedicated programmer.

What does MyBusinessApp do?

MyBusinessApp build mobile application based on your industry type with your brand name. Once our app is approved by and published you can update your content in via

What type of phones MyBusinessApp supports?

The MyBusinessApp platform is currently available for IPhone, IPad, Android and Windows phones.

How do I build my app through

Building your app with MyBusinessApp is quite simple. Simply signup on and choose your industry template and fill out questionnaire and upload your company logo and data. After we’ve designed your app, you’ll have the opportunity to review and change data. Finally, once you’re done customizing your app it will be submitted for approval to appstore. It’s that simple.

How long will it take to publish my app?

Within 10 business days of receiving payment for your submitted app, we will build and test your app. During this time, we will contact you with any concerns. Once all concerns are addressed, we will submit the app to the appropriate market. The review process takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks and upon approval, the app becomes available for download.

How much would it cost to add a new feature?

MyBusinessApp provides detailed quote based on your industry type. Please contact us with any questions. We sure to get back to you with in 24 hours with a detailed quote.

What if I want to charge for my app?

Yes, We can deploy app to your apple developer account, where you can control pricing model for app.

Does it cost anything to update my app?

If you would like to change the function of any of your app’s screens (changing a website button to a photo gallery button, for example). That requires partially re-developing your app and submitting the update. Because of the development time varies for the update in question, we charge a $25 hourly fee for any changes to these functions.